Bank Hol RunDay FunDay! the absolute blistering british sun.

Hell fire, rookie mistake #1..

Being a ‘real girl’, I missed my run on the Saturday because in all honesty I couldn’t be bothered. I worked Saturday morning and although its only 4 hours, I missed breakfast and had a really late lunch. I still haven’t figured out my ‘peak-run-post-meal’ timings. Anything too soon gives me a stitch rivalling a hot dagger to the side, anything too late leaves me flagging in first gear.. so Saturday was a right off.

Sunday was the christening of my boyfriends Goddaughter, Savannah, who is 11 months old and a heartbreaker. Christenings = Alcohol +++. Who knew.

Bank Holiday Monday I was ready and raring to go!

I am lucky enough to live in very close proximity to Chester Racecourse which although is the shortest racecourse in the UK (fun fact 101), it’s distance is exactly 1 mile and 1 furlong (I don’t include the 1 furlong part as I have no idea how far a furlong is and I like to keep it as an added bonus that i’ve run just over a mile). Therefore, all i need to be able to do is run around it 26 times and voila! Marathon! Easy.

Monday was glorious and I’ve read tips and tricks on clothing appropriate for all types of weather. Filled with expert knowledge, I donned my summer gear; shorts, dri-fit vest top, trainer socks and my Primarni £2.50 Cool Girl Cap.

Side note: throughout my blog, you will come to find out I am the tightest of tightarses when it comes to spending money on sports clothing – but thats for another post.

Rookie mistake #2.

Under no circumstances did ANY of the posts I read about ‘sunshine appropriate clothing’ did it state your hat must be breathable or you will overheat and feel like your last moments are nearing..

My big bank holiday run was planned for 6 miles, the most I would have ran so far. I stocked up on Dextrose tabs (orange flavour incase you’re wondering – definitely less chalky), popped some ice in my water bottle and off I went, ghetto cardio playlist blasting in my headphones.

3.5 laps of the racecourse and I was S T R U G G L I N G. The sweat was coming thick and fast, my breathing was definitely probably laboured and the skin on my face felt like it was on fire. I’ve mentally stocked up on enough motivational instagram posts to charge me through at least an 8 miler run so i cracked on with a ‘one more more step’ mantra..until the next ‘one more step’ was closely followed by flashing lights in my eyes and a difficulty to make out what Jay Z was shouting in my ears. The end was definitely near.

I removed my cool girl gap (its grey suede – very instagrammable) and the breeze on my head felt like a thousand little pricks of ice. All dignity and pride at the back of my mind, I flopped onto the grass hoping I’d avoided any horse produce from the race meet the day before and pronounced it game over. 3.5 miles. Heartbreaking 😦

Battling the dizziness and nausea, I crawled back over the road to the flat where my boyfriend proceeded to feed me paracetomal, hose me down with cool water in the shower and state ‘you do know its 26 degrees outside..’. Beginner runner + minor hangover + semi intense heat = ill +++. Who knew.

near death by cap

SO, for all you beginner runners who have also read that caps are brilliant for sunshine and rain, please find below some links to caps I feel would be more suited than Primarks Suedette head frying version and let this be that my mistake is your lesson learned.. Sometimes it pays to pay more.

Real girl trying to run..


Would have been a more appropriate blog title.

My name is Sian. I am 24 years old and I am not a runner. Through a hot second of intense euphoric-ness and a raging 10 minute ‘can-do’ attitude, I entered the ballot for the London Marathon 2018. A second wave of bucket list cravings saw me fill in 3 application forms for charity places in the marathon, which if successful, would have secured me a place to run next year. Low and behold, I succeeded.


Blessed with good genes and a fairly impressive metabolism (thanks for pushing sports at a young age, Mum), I have always had a toned physique that required little upkeep. This, however, has absolutely no correlation whatsoever in regards to my fitness levels. Walking upstairs raised my heart rate and putting the shopping away was my HIIT. I. Am. Weak. In fact, my legs are so weak, my knees point inwards. I like to nap, browse Asos and scroll through Netflix. ‘Carbs’ was my diet and I always have at least 3 chocolate digestives with each cup of tea. I’ve held an obsolete gym membership for the past 4 years with a matching £70 Nike Dri Fit co-ord set. Which now sees me through the darkest of hangovers. But the intention was there; standard ‘New Year New Me’ uniform a la 2013.

I am a student. I am skint. I relentlessly fangirl over instafamous worldy girls. I subscribe to YouTube fitness channels but don’t actually do them. I dream of being rich and successful but don’t get off my arse to make it happen. I wear spanx on nights out and rarely wash my hair in the week. And the grass is always greener.

That’s what makes me a real girl. And this is how I go from zero to hero and run my first ever marathon.

Lol what a cringey ending, I hope it had some dramatic impact though x

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